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This week’s installment of our Interview + MiniMix series comes from one of dubstep’s legends. Hatcha has solidified his name and place in the bass music space since his debut release in 2001, and nearly 20 years later, he still delivers forward-thinking music with his signature, classic touch. He recently signed with Disciple Records based in Los Angeles and has been cooking up some projects of his own while touring around the world — what’s more, he was voted Best DJ of the Dubstep Awards. Find out some solid advice from the man himself and learn why he’s proven himself as a master curator in his nearly 50-minute mix below.

What activity is this mix best suited for?

I’ve tried to put this mix together to cater for all, from melodic rollers to hard tear out bangers! I couldn’t really dedicate it to a specific activity, to be honest, but I am sure those who check it will soon find a suitable activity to play it to!

You’ve been a solid connoisseur in the dubstep game and beyond for quite some time now. Can you speak on why you chose to sign with Disciple?

My guv had the chat with Disciple about doing some stuff for them and they were keen on the idea! I liked what those guys were doing and really felt I could offer something different and wanted the challenge in branching into another avenue within the genre. They are such a good team, very humble with an amazing roster of talented artists and their reputation keeps growing strong. I am grateful to be a part of their movement!

Can you tell me a fun story from a memorable show or tour from your career?

One story that I will never forget was being on tour with Benga in the states. After we finished our run of shows, we moved on to Canada and when arriving in Toronto we were running late so we had to go straight to the venue to soundcheck. I remember coming out the venue after sound check and it was snow was falling heavily, but there was a homeless guy asleep outside the 7 Eleven next to the venue. Take into account how cold it was, this guy was wrapped in a wet duvet with no shoes. we decided to get this guy up out the cold and take him shopping for new clothes sleeping bag hats and gloves then stocked him up with food! I have plenty of stories, but that one has stuck with me for a very long time and seems fitting with the amount of snow on my doorstep at the minute!

Of all the dubstep artists in the game right now, who should we be paying attention to?

Damn that is a tricky one! There are some beasts out there at the moment, I would say the Disciple and Circus family for sure, but also Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Abstract Sonance, Ternion sound – and thats just a shortlist! UK-based, I would say Lost, Shotem, Rufus, Cimm – Max Mudie, Sepia, J Kenzo, and Distance. I can’t be forgetting my good friend from Germany, Bukez Finezt. Just to put it out there, Skrillex was playing me some tribal dubstep bits he was working on when we chilled in LA lately, so I’m looking forward to adding those bits of ammo to the collection!

Outside of dance music, what’s your favorite album or piece of music?

To be honest, I listen to a lot of hip-hop and rap albums from the ’90s mainly, it was such a golden age for that music and some of it is timeless! I don’t want to condense that to one album as I have so many on repeat!

Where’s your favorite place in the world to perform?

I can’t even answer that! DJ’ing is my everything and no matter where I perform I just can’t get rid of the buzz I feel each time I play! I have done small venues with the most amazing atmosphere in the smallest little towns you wouldn’t believe would even have events and yet I have also played some of the biggest venues in the biggest cities and yet the buzz is equal! I just love playing and long may that feeling continue!

Congratulations on winning Best DJ of the Dubstep Awards! What advice would you give to someone aspiring to achieve your status as a DJ?

Thank you, what a great award to pick up huh? I started DJing when I was 10, so even this many years later to be recognised for an award still gives me that little smile on my face! My advice? Keep your head down, stay focused and stay humble and never take your eyes away from the target and keep going – there are so many opportunities in this life and you just have to take them!