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The HARD crew follow up their excellent HARD Summer dog video with a new ambitious six minute short film Produced and directed by Agata Alexander, surrounding the upcoming Day of the Dead festival. The murder mystery themed clip opens with a concerned Road Hog warning Skrillex not to come to LA because “Gaslamp is killing all the guys that are playing Day of the Dead”.

Beni of Jack Beats gets interrogated, we learn some new mustache slang, Giorgio Moroder serves up hot dogs to a poolside Destructo who finds a literally deadmau5, we get an intimate look at the shower-time of one of Germany’s finest through a reenactment of Psycho, and Skream and Sir Bob Rifo of the Bloody Beetroots show up as featured victims in Gaslamp‘s revenge for not getting booked for HARD Summer.

Hard Day of the Dead takes place November 2nd & 3rd at the LA State Historic Park (12pm – 12AM). Head to for tickets.