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Our beloved GRRL has released a whopping 25-track electronic odyssey of an album in the form of Pay Attention, which commands us to do exactly that. There’s a pronounced metallic edge to the production of these songs; it’s a shiny, glimmering, razor’s edge that at times reverberates glittering sounds and at other times cuts like a sharpened machete through a break-laden production. Packed full of charming woodwind sounds, a cacophony of synths and driving beats, Pay Attention offers songs suited for the club, late-night warehouse weird-om, and deep festival renegade-stage raving. If you’ve got an obsession with breaks, GRRL delivers exactly what you’re looking for throughout this entire record.

Following the album’s title track, “Who Run It” keeps our attention with an addictive vocal sample and potent percussion; it’s a perfect number to switch up the vibe on the dancefloor. Things get even heavier on “Night Kids” as GRRL seamlessly blends techno-adjacent kicks and heart-pounding breaks, a tune that’s in my top five favorites off this record. GRRL is relentless on tracks like “Blackout” and “Made Up,” refusing to shy away from fast, high-energy production that transports listeners into a grungy underground space meant for dancing to footwork. Junglists at heart will resonate with “Chase Scene” and “Jungle,” tracks that pay homage to the iconic amen break with GRRL’s unrivaled signature sound. This album includes only a handful of collaborations, but there’s one that’s seriously next-level — GRRL links up with grime legend Killa P on “Demon,” an aptly-titled track that accentuates Killa P’s legendary flow through GRRL’s heavy-hitting production.

It’s too easy to rant about what’s special about each tune off this record, but considering there’s 25 of them, I urge you to take the ride on your own. For those who love to find new music to drive to, this record is worthy of a place in your library; additionally, DJs across the spectrum of electronic music will find at least one tune they can throw into their sets on Pay Attention. In a nutshell, GRRL is for the people. Listen below.