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GRRL, one of our favorite authorities on everything within the club world, and one of the best virtual crate diggers out there right now, continues to bless us with a new set of treats with the GRRL X NEST HQ 008 playlist. Dig in below and check GRRL’s commentary on each track.

Denham Audio – Undulate

So hot!




ROMIZVA’s EP on Unspeakable is one of the craziest, and one of my favorite things I’ve listened to in February. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of them before. It’s so good!

Masayoshi Iimori – Whirlwind

Masayoshi is the future! I’ve been saying it forever. Pay attention!

Glot – Primordial

This is like a cute computer starting up.

Simpig – Cold Lava

I can’t remember who this reminds me of, but I like it a lot.

Equator Club – Toma

Equator Club is way too slept on. Don’t sleep!

Thunder/scan (BROKEN HAZE BetaPack Mode Version)

I love this one. I’m so down for more really good Sinjin Hawke remixes.

Hypho – Soundboy [Nuvaman Remix]


Anna the Wise – Precious Possession

Reminds me of old Jacques Green on LuckyMe. I just really love the noise. It sounds so good.

blake skowron & ke-chi – pure

*cough cough Mr. Carmack*

Thast – Snitch (Prod. Hi Tom)

Thast and Hi Tom can do no wrong. I would really love an entire collabrative project with these two.

Sami Baha – Cash Rain


NLV – Now Or Never (feat. C.Z. and Swick)


HyperJuice – Tokyo Scene (feat. Jimenusagi)

This is all over the place in the best way.

Carmada – Realize (Manila Killa Remix)

So sweet.

Bok Bok – Foxtrot (Neana Bootleg)

Out of the two on the new Night Slugs white label, Nightshade is my favorite, but this one is really good too.

TenTwentySeven – 6IX (Strict Face Radar Radio Rip)

This one goes offfffffff!

TT The Artist – Dig (Prod. Snappy Jit)

TT and Snappy Jit are a perfect combination. It’s an insane level of hype.

Svani – Estoy Loco X Lorna

Definitely check out Classical Trax’ JAMZ! VOL. 2 compilation. This Svani track is my favorite off the release.

DJ Warlord – Never Ending War

Spinee’s new PC Music compilation was so good! NEW DJ WARLORD!

AJ Tracey – Spirit Bomb (Sh?m Remix)

This one is too hot. I can’t deal.

Seiho – Peach and Pomegranate

I can’t wait for the new, full-legnth Seiko album!

DJ Snake – Popaganda (Gammer and Kayzo Remix)

HARDCORE (kinda).

DBM – Squeeze

Everybody knows how I feel about Murlo. Deadboy just puts it over the top for me.

DJ Jayhood X DJ Sliink – Number One Challenge 2k16

Remix of a classic remix.

Bonebrokk – Refix

Peak energy.

Protohype and Goldplate – Yup (VIctor Niglio ft. Marlon Souler Remix)


Akito – Metamessage (Famous Eno and Murlo Remix)

I don’t know what makes this so hype, but I love it.

Chet Porter – tbh ily

I’m so happy this is finally out! I’ve been waiting since Ryan Hemsworth’s 2015 Valentine’s Day mix. Chet Porter makes music I want to sit down and listen to.

Nick Leon – Laugh

You should definitely check out this EP on TAR. It’s really interesting.

Seven Sinners (KM Remix)

I tweeted that this sounds like Wiwek and Timbaland had a baby (or something along those lines). I didn’t know that was even something I wanted. KM has been killing it for a while now. Don’t sleep!

Arma – Jungle Drums

I want to play this one out.

Ducky – Work (Nukumachi Remix)

There are so many remix of Ducky’s “Work” on SoundCloud right now. This is one of my favorites.

tropical interface – jungle software test

This is adorable.

Mikeneko Homeless – Purity (feat. Nagi Nemoto)

It’s so CUTE AND HAPPY. The little flute riff is so adorable. I love it SO MUCH.

Sinjin Hawke – Three Fine Hoes (VDIDVS Remix)

I’m telling you right now this is going to be my next set opener. It’s like energy in song form.

Big Dope P – Prompto (feat. R3LL and DMP)

I’m so happy with this one. R3LL and Big Dope P’s styles blend together so well!

Brillz and LAXX – Buck (feat. Gangsta Boo) [Lil Texas Remix]

This is what I would play at an EDM festival.

Zora Jones – Ruby Fifths (feat. Heavee)

It’s always Zora season.

Malaa – Fade

This is kinda basic but totally something I would play.

Sirr Tmo – Listening Experience (feat. DJ Earl)

This one is so good!

Lou Kessler – Chains

Cute and aggressive.

et aliae – Sober (feat. Dawn)


Lokane – Body Double

Lokane is the future, man. His new EP amazing. This is my favorite track of his new “Visions” EP.

Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (UNIIQU3 X TR!CK$ Remix)

This is better than some of the official remixes.

Truancy Volume 139: Hi Tom

Required listening. I love Hi Tom so, so much. I’m really happy we have him.

Farsight – Pro Spacemaker

Astronomar – Make Me Cum

CyberSonic LA put out a great compilation in February! You should go get it!

1180 – Tear the Club

This is so hype.

Sweat Taste – Burnout

If you like Kid Antoine, you’d love this.

Formation (MikeQ Remix)

*gets in formation*

waterhouse – Empty Gallery

New Decisions release!

Madeaux x Valy Mo – Hearts for Eyes

This is clubby and house and I love it.


I love the vocals so much. It’s so dark!

YONEDA – Heartb1t

This is going straight on my “BEST NXC EVER” list. It’s so perfect.

Taiki Nulight, LO’99 and Cause and Affect – Warfare

Slow jungle. I’m down.

Ocular and Dictate – Temple

I love the production on this!

Born in Flamez and Modeselektor – TBF

This one is really weird but I like it a lot!

Tofubeats – KEEPMEUP


Lemonick – Coal Harbour

New Lemonick EP incoming!

CHLO – Oneiroi

This is my favorite track off the recent Weirdkids compilation, which has some cool tracks!

Vera – Trommer 1

I feel like this could be on PC Music, production-wise.

Gina Turner and Tony Quattro – Afterhours


First Gift and BIGGS – FACE

Picking up where NLV and Swick’s “Don’t Send” left off. I don’t know what it reminds me of that

Charli XCX – Vroom Vroom

Charli XCX – Secret

Charli XCX – Trophy

I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time talking about how much I love XCX’s “Vroom Vroom” EP. It’s perfect. Like, I can’t remember the last time I had a release on repeat like this.

Running in the Fog – Jane

Reminds me of DKC! It’s so fun.

Bok Bok – ESSENTIALS Vol. 1

*dances at 100 BPM*

Shadient – Mechanical

Go buy the new Shadient EP. Just do it.

Botaz and Ballast – Luv Genius

This sample is so fun! It’s so much fun to play.

Hex – Ruin Value

I don’t know what’s happening but I like it.

Lapsley – Love is Blind (Sam Gallantry Remix)

I’m going to give this the award for catchiest remix. I can’t get it out of my head.

Curbi – 51

Is the term “Curbi Thot” acceptable?

Baauer – Kung Fu (feat. Pusha T and Future)

I am unbelievably excited for Baauer’s new album. I CAN’T WAIT.

Wiwek and Skrillex – Killa (feat. Elliphant)

Wiwek’s new OWSLA EP is so good! I really love hearing him progress the Jungle Terror sound, and going in more of a hip hop direction on some of the tracks. I’m really happy this Skrillex collab is out so I don’t have to listen to the rips anymore.

MDG – Masumi

So weird, but in the best way.

Habits – Ether (Air Max ’97 Remix)

You should all know how much I love Air Max ’97 by now.

Wiley – Eskimo (Spooky Remix)

The chops are too hot.

Ducky – Work (LSDXOXO Guerra Edit)

Another one of my favorite Work remixes.

DJ Mabooku – R.I.C.O. Remix

This might be the sexiest song on the planet right now.

Oak City Slums LP Teaser


Tarquin – Back In One Peace

The new Backlink vinyl is so good. You need to buy it.

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