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North Carolina’s GRRL continues to do big tings this year. In the last month, he was invited to put together a guest mix for Plastician’s Rinse FM show, he released the VIP and DUB versions of his breakout “Bad Bitch” single, and he played a recent show in NYC, which you can stream here.

Today GRRL delivers the second installment of our ongoing GRRL X NEST HQ playlist series. Check the tracks and a rundown of each selection below!

Taquwami – Moyas

I love Taquwami. There are so many different textures and layers to their music. It’s kind of pointless to describe this song in words when you can just listen to it.

Arian Cook – Rainbow Days

I know this track is around 6 months old, but it’s infectious. This was one of a handful of songs I kept returning to during the summer.

P4N4 – Children Choir (GUNGE RMX)

Light-speed rave music.

DZZ – Fugue

Nobody else sounds like DZZ.

Lolica Tonica – Luv Sick (feat. ina)

There’s always one or two tracks in every Fogpak compilation that stands out to me, and this Lolica Tonica track was that for me. I love the crazy energy.

Snail’s House – Danbo

Snail’s House just keeps putting out amazing music. It makes me happy!

Chindamo + Stone – Tesla

I couldn’t pick a single favorite song off Destiny Bond Vol. 001, but this song is up there. It’s so weird.


“A NEW IDEA FROM THE SUPERMIND” FKA DJ Warlord? Who is Valentina Tereshkova? Is anything real anymore? I have so many unanswered questions.

Ultramiedo – Megatubo

Cute future music

AKIRAAKIRA – Strawberry Milk

This is the kind of Moombahton I actually want to listen to.

epsom – softcarry

Bubble dreamsssss.

Walton – L.E.A.N (Dehousy Remix)

Heavy warehouse club vibes. Dehousy is always hype.

Gaslight – Higher Purpose

This is very reminiscent of Alesia, but in a good way!

HyperJuice – City Lights (feat. EVO+, Jinmenusagi)

Super-fun, poppy 2-step from HyperJuice

no rome – aint coming back

Secret Songs is the best at finding artists I haven’t really heard of or haven’t looked into, and making them my new favorite.

Lokane – Shake the Gears

Lokane’s take on club music is so unique! I love it so, so much.

Angel Ho – Yah Cunt

Pointed, dark, atmospheric, deconstructed-club. This paints such a strong picture. It’s like watching a movie. The entire Ascension EP is amazing.

Deer – Cry For Help

I’m thinking about my favorite boy bands.

Baht – Greaser

Baht has consistently been one of my favorite producers. Every track is a gem.

Hi Tom – Summer Plants

This is classic, Norclub-defining, Hi Tom.

Noer the Boy – Soda Pop

Heavy and cute. Liquid Amber is putting out some great music.

Thast – Take A Pic (Prod. DJ Svani)

DJ Svani’s production and Thast are a really good combination.

Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (WAVEDASH Remix)

Don’t sleep on Wavedash!

Vindata – Can’t Say No (feat. Chuck Ellis)

Vindata’s EP surprised me in the best way. This is my favorite track on the album. It’s so airy.

Arca – Xen (Katuchat Remix)

Katuchat is so talented. He’s one of my favorite producers at the moment. Remix is sinister and I love it.

Bo En – By the Phone

I’m not sure that we can be friends if you don’t like Bo En.

M.E.S.H. – Epithet

So texturally dense. I just want to dissect it.

Visionist x Liam Hodges (Scheele Bootleg)

This is just a really good edit from Scheele.

Madeaux – Kill For Me

I’m so happy an artist like Madeaux is on a label like Fool’s Gold. I’m really, really excited for his EP.

Sakuraburst – Forest of the Spirits

Sakuraburst’s sound design is crazy. This track starts so large and atmospheric an dreamy, then gets so dark and crazy! Again, I don’t need to describe it with words. Just listen to it! (The entire EP is amazing BTW.)

Dinamarca & Toxe – Hexa

S/O Staycore! They’re amazing at what they do!

Copout – Contortion (Kid Antoine Remix)

Kid Anoine is too good. Just listen to it.

Falcons – Flame (feat. Stush)

Falcons’s Fool’s Gold EP is one of my favorite things to come out this year. Falcons’ production and Stush’s flow fit together perfectly.

Plastician feat. Jammz – London Living

I absolutely love this track. It goes so hard! Jammz is gonna be big, man. Don’t sleep.

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