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As one of our favorite creators and curators, GRRL has spent the past few years deep into music in just about every way you can imagine. The producer and electronic enthusiast has offered a handful of his own tracks in years past, like his forward-thinking Volt EP released earlier this year and more. This morning, GRRL announced the release of a new project titled Pay Attention to be released via GANG. By the looks of it, it’s a full-blown album jam-packed with 25 new tracks. Though we have to wait until June 7th to hear the full experience, GRRL has revealed one of the album’s heavy-hitting tracks along with the announcement.

“F1 / Impact (Interlude)” is a no-frills techno-inspired track in your standard 4/4 time signature, where GRRL showcases larger-than-life kicks and ominous sirens creeping in the background. We love hearing some warehouse-ready cuts from GRRL, and we’re expecting Pay Attention will include more tracks like this along with some breaks, jungle, and god knows what else GRRL is up to these days. Check out the new song and the album’s tracklist below.

Pay Attention Tracklist:

  1. GRRL – First Stage / Mountain Pass (Intro)
  2. GRRL – Pay Attention
  3. GRRL – Who Run It (feat. TT The Artist)
  4. GRRL – Night Kids
  5. GRRL – Hidden
  6. GRRL – Blackout
  7. GRRL – Made Up
  8. GRRL – Ground Level
  9. GRRL – Chase Scene
  10. GRRL – Midnight
  11. GRRL – Jungle
  12. GRRL – F1 / Impact (Interlude)
  13. GRRL – Rivals
  14. GRRL – 2:00 A.M.
  15. GRRL – Sprinter
  16. GRRL – Control
  17. GRRL – Demon (feat. Killa P)
  18. GRRL – Showdown
  19. GRRL – Drifting
  20. GRRL – Gunsai
  21. GRRL – Pressure
  22. GRRL – Bang (feat. Kish!)
  23. GRRL – Let’s Go
  24. GRRL – Haruna / Sunrise (Outro)
  25. GRRL – Haruna Part. II