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So LA’s Groundislava just pulled a total baller move and released a full desktop app for his new “Girl Behind the Glass” video. The “interactive video” feature isn’t always a fire concept, but when it’s coming from Groundislava, a dude who’s heavily immersed in gaming and virtual culture — probably the first dude to rep an xbox 360 shirt in a press shot — you know it’s gonna be on point. It’s non-interactive video is even called a “walkthrough” (amazing).

“Girl Behind the Glass,” featuring vocals from Rare Times, is an extension of the futuristic AI x human romance themes of Groundislava’s debut Frozen Throne LP, and its interactive app fully immerses you in surrealist neon landscapes and artwork.

Head over to iTunes to pick up Frozen Throne (out now through WeDidIt), check the walkthrough below and click here to download the game.