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We’ve been waiting for this day since our very first piece about Grabbitz came out over two years ago from just after he was tapped by deadmau5 to be featured on his latest single “Let Go,” and it’s finally here! This album is a cultural amalgamation of musical stylings from the heavy electronic bass and rock worlds with soul that bleeds throughout each track. The second single “i think that i might be going crazy” is a deeply heartfelt, FM radio-ready indietronic crooner that makes me want to dance, run a marathon, and cry all at the same time.

The album opens with “Follow Me,” a dramatic opening previously released on Monstercat, which beckons listeners to come down the strange path into the mind of Grabbitz. “Play This Game” is his viscerally rock ‘n roll middle finger to the homogenization of music within the pop-culture machine while “Love Like That” sounds like something that could be right at home in the mainstream. This is a boundary-pushing collection of songs that’s a journey through the timeless and ubiquitous human experience of love, loss, and personal salvation – enjoy.