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We had the chance to catch up with 23-year-old Buffalo, NY native Nick Chiari aka Grabbitz on this very special morning – last time we talked to him he’d just been hit up by the mau5 himself to work on a vocal edit he did of “Silent Pictures” from his while(1<2) album. Today, deadmau5’s W:/2016ALBUM is out and Grabbitz has the bragging rights of not only being featured on the lead single but has the only vocal on the album. The latest Grabbitz release “Follow Me” is out now on Monstercat.

NHQ: yo yo

Grabbitz: hello molly

NHQ: hello, it’s me, it’s us. how’s Buffalo NY treating you?

Grabbitz: very well
Grabbitz: family and friends, keeps me grounded
Grabbitz: hows LA? ill be in next friday

NHQ: Good! LA is the same, it’ll be just as beautiful and crowded and amazing and ridiculous when you get back – don’t worry

Grabbitz: haha, k good

NHQ: A year after our first Nest piece about deadmau5 picking up your track and you’re the featured vocalist on his new single – what the fuck is that like?

Grabbitz: being patient really was a virtue. the release of the single brings me great joy; i do this because i love sharing my music with people, and being able to be a part of such a large release makes everything worth it.
Grabbitz: i’ve always been a huge deadmau5 fan and his last album spoke to me.

NHQ: were you surprised to find you were on the single? did you know that was happening?

Grabbitz: i was definitely taken by surprise when they told us it was the lead single.
Grabbitz: and the only vocal on the album
Grabbitz: i pretty much melted into a puddle when ashlee told me on the phone

NHQ: Ashlee = manager

Grabbitz: yes
Grabbitz: sorry

NHQ: taking care of your career, no big deal

Grabbitz: puddle=small formation of water
Grabbitz: or any liquid really

NHQ: thanks now I don’t have to google that

Grabbitz: yw
Grabbitz: haha

NHQ: ‘Follow Me’ just dropped on Monstercat, it’s a huge track but it seems like it’s leading us towards something? What are we following you towards?
NHQ: And do we need to bring anything? sleeping bag? snacks?

Grabbitz: thank you. it’s leading us towards the new grabbitz. I’m a singer, rapper, songwriter, and i make beats. over time, all of those things have blended into something alternative. more vocals, more hooks, great beats, solid songs, in my opinion; not confined to one particular style.
Grabbitz: focusing a lot on more video content. connecting with fans via live streaming. performing via live streaming, etc.
Grabbitz: so yea just bring all of your belongings, this could last a while

NHQ: we’re ready, seems like there’s layers to this project just tryna peel it back here. can you say anything about upcoming releases/shows?

Grabbitz: i can say that there will be a lot of new music in 2017 and all shows will be live. it’ll feel great to hold the mic again.
Grabbitz: anyone reading should subscribe to me on
Grabbitz: – We Live For Music, i swear they don’t pay me


NHQ: OH MAN, THE MIC (brought to you by Bandsintown) I know you’re a rapper and you secretly spit fire no one even knows about so I’d like to issue a challenge if you’re up for it…

Grabbitz: haha… ok shoot

NHQ: A free style Skype-type-rap, can it be done?

Grabbitz: HAHA
Grabbitz:: anything can be done, lets see


Grabbitz: hey look at me i’m freestyling in a Skype chat
Grabbitz: i like that
Grabbitz: i don’t even gotta spit…. i just type back
Grabbitz: cuz its so hard to work on rhyming
Grabbitz: and timing
Grabbitz: and lining…
Grabbitz: rappers up, put them in their place like a bike rack
Grabbitz: yo that was a tight rap
Grabbitz: haha, I’m so hype its whack
Grabbitz: i could probably go forever if i can type it out
Grabbitz: free styling is only hard with a beat, and yes i like it loud
Grabbitz: challenge completed? lol

NHQ: You crushed it.
NHQ: Thank you so much Nick Grabbitz, before we go can you give me 3 music recommendations off the cuff from any genre or time period – GO

Grabbitz: sure
Grabbitz: i would really like to think about this but off the top of my head
Grabbitz: Truth by Alexander
Grabbitz: if i ever lose my faith in you by sting
Grabbitz: no surprises, radiohead
Grabbitz: my collection of music is vast

NHQ: thank you! Hope your evening with your dog and Netflix is romantic and wonderful.

Grabbitz: someday we will peruse thru it
Grabbitz: thank YOU!
Grabbitz: it was a pleasure

NHQ: and happy deadmau5 day!! What a big deal, the record W:/2016ALBUM is out today and Grabbitz’s video for ‘Follow Me’ is also out Monday on Monstercat!!