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Following his unforgettable NEST HQ MiniMix from last month, Glacci just dropped his highly-anticipated Nightshade EP, a release we’ve been itching to hear for quite some time. He’s become one of our favorite producers as the years have gone by, and it’s clear this release is his best work to date.

Nightshade EP opens with the title track, where Glacci establishes the rave-friendly territory in which this body of work lands. Thumping kicks and arpeggiated melodies induce a flurry of powerful yet exquisite sensations, giving this EP a proper introduction. Next up, the delightfully titled “XTC Sunstroke” represents the future of garage as Glacci knows it — he takes this beat back to the rave, combining classic UK bass elements with happy hardcore tropes to create one joyous package. Although Glacci decided to name the next tune “Bittersweet,” this one’s as sugary as it gets. Bubbly vocal chops steal the show as he lays down another garage-influenced beat — I can guarantee you’ll be bouncing in your seat when you experience this track for the first time (and probably every time after that).

The final original tune off Nightshade EP, “Vortex,” is the most upbeat of them all, delivering 140 beats per minute four-on-the-floor-style. I admire Glacci’s dedication to timeless rave elements on this track and throughout the entire EP as a whole; he proves that it’s entirely possible to create forward-thinking music with tools that have been near and dear to electronic music for a long time. For the finale, Glacci included a bonus treat: Doctor Jeep remixed “XTC Sunstroke” into a deep dubstep monster, taking the track’s integral elements and simplifying them into a wobbly, almost eerie rendition.

Listen to Nightshade EP below via Good Enuff.