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Photo: Maxdotbam

The latest release from Ghostemane packs a stronger punch than anything we’ve heard from him before, and that’s saying quite a lot. The musician announced last week that he’d be kicking off the monthly roll-out of several special projects: “Each EP is completely unique from one another; spanning hardcore, acoustic/ambient, rap, and experimental stuff,” he wrote on Instagram. “There will be one EP per month, and some will include a limited vinyl record drop.”

The first EP is here in all its glory: Fear Network EP contains three blistering hardcore tracks that’ll urge you to start a mosh pit in an instant. From the opener “Martial Law,” Ghostemane adopts hardcore punk in its purest form with chugging guitars, deep screams, and wailing instruments left and right. These tracks are all pretty short, but when you’re delivering music as powerful as this, it certainly hits the spot. Listen below.