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There’s a brand new compilation curated by one of our favorite names in bass music: Caspa continues to uphold his title as a master curator in dubstep, this time lending his taste to Bassrush Records. Ghost Town The Soundtrack features five tracks curated by Caspa, showcasing what’s influencing the bass scene today.

Caspa leads the pack with “Wake Up London,” an unapologetic dubstep tune that features Caspa’s timeless flair through an assortment of basses that reflect the evolution of his sound. He chose to include another classic voice in the dubstep community for this compilation: Coki delivers “Mi Bad,” a deafening track defined by its ear-splitting bass and minimal percussion. Things get a little deeper on Ternion Sound’s “Monsterpiece,” a tune that’s rooted in classic dubstep elements through and through; its placement on this compilation breaks up the utter chaos brought forward by Caspa and Coki in a refined manner. This collection boasts an experimental edge thanks to EAZYBAKED — “Headspace” is a showcase in succulent sound design, where EAZYBAKED also delivers one of my favorite snares I’ve heard in a long, long time. Finally, Ghost Town ends with a special Bukez Finezt remix of The Widdler’s “The Voices.” This one’s certainly the most chilling of them all, offering an eerie soundscape through the original tune’s grim vocal sample and Bukez Finezt’s off-kilter time signature and manipulation of basses.

Ghost Town The Soundtrack is out now via Bassrush Records — listen below.