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Last week, GETTER officially dropped his remix pack for his single “Inhalant Abuse.” Although small, the pack features GETTER’s VIP, a Parker remix, and a Topi remix; each twist the track a bit tighter. Particularly, Topi’s remix of the track stood out the most to me. It wobbles more sinisterly through the threshold of the dark and dangerous than the others. The Finnish producer harnesses his personal intensity through mixing breakbeat into dubstep. Both of his previous tracks “Bad Language” and “Danger Time” take you on completely untamed excursions.

To focus now on Topi’s remix of “Inhalant Abuse” leads me to further relish his sound design. The remix begins ticking slowly, exploding into a steady muted throb. Topi uses the original melody to lead his redesign through an extensive maze of spine-tingling echoes and modulated vibrations. This version of “Inhalant Abuse” will likely leave behind the footsteps of otherworldly beings that were creeping along behind you throughout its three minutes.

Give Topi’s remix of GETTER’s “Inhalant Abuse” a listen alongside the rest of the remix pack.

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