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A desolate parking lot sets the scene in the introduction of Gesaffelstein‘s new video for “Hate or Glory” — the next single from his debut album, Aleph, due out at the end of this month. Two men argue briefly before a gun pops off and gold chains are taken — foreshadowing the motif of greed and excess that carries on throughout the video.

The young man’s thirst for gold becomes tangible when he wears his spoils as a skin, but where he saw glory, others manifested hatred, eventually leading to a mighty downfall. Gesaffelstein’s “Hate or Glory” sets the perfect soundtrack, hitting just over 100BPM with what’s becoming an immediately recognizable ‘Gesaffelstein Techno’ sound.

Directed and produced by DIVISION, the Paris collective who also did Gesa’s “Pursuit” and more recently Brodinski’s “Gimme Back The Night,” this video illuminates the increasing trend towards extremely well-produced music videos in dance music.

Update — pick up Aleph now on iTunes and stream the album in full on Pitchfork!