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Since Emo Nite is the most explosive DIY fan brand on the West Coast, we thought it would be appropriate to share a gallery of our favorite #EmoNiteDay pics from Instagram, along with their epic recap video above with sums up what an insane, uniquely immersive experience this was. One of our East Coast writers, Cassie, was in town for the event and it was her first Emo Nite experience – which is a pretty incredible introduction.

Read on below for her words on the event, and check the photos hand-picked by Molly across social media in true DIY fashion, to showcase the real culture.

I’ve been a long-time fan of Emo Nite having spent the better portion of my teenage years listening to artists like Chiodos, Emarosa, and From First To Last. So having the opportunity to attend this “Emotional Nite Time Day” was absolutely incredible. I would walk from room to room and there wasn’t a single bad or even mediocre performance, which I don’t think I’ve ever said of a festival-type event before. In the main room, there were dozens of kids on stage dancing in their “SAD AS FUCK” shirts but having the time of their lives. In between performances they would stream ironic YouTube videos of emo kids, it was hilarious and certainly unexpected, but a moment in took you back in time (see recap vid above).

There was a crew of Nosferatu dancers who would pop up on-stage and wander throughout the venue appearing mischievous; they are essentially ‘Emo Santa’ and a light to the world. Returning to the music, the highlight of the event for me was Craig Owens performing with a four-piece orchestra and Frank Zummo of Sum 41. He was switching between his own music to System of a Down, and at the same time combining numerous elements of electronica to turn “Wonderwall” into a punk anthem. On the DJ-side, I got to join in on massive sing-a-longs for tracks like “Until The Day I Die,” “Cute Without The ‘E’,” and “Ohio Is For Lovers” (all essential classics). It’s impressive after all this time I still haven’t forgotten a single word of the lyrics. Thank you, Emo Nite Day, for preserving the culture that’s defined so many us and continues to do to this day – this was truly one of the best show experiences I’ve ever had.