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Last Sunday, the Desert Hearts crew held their first urban festival, City Hearts 2017, and it successfully translated the vibe and presence of their desert events to a more accessible setting. Added areas like a vendor village, live art, and food trucks made it feel like more than just another show, and the buildings of the city made a nice background for the stage structure. Though I do have to mention, once it got dark there was something a little nagging about all the neon bank logos looming over you as you dance, but that’s the price of the LA skyline, I guess.

Musically, the Desert Hearts crew kept it saucey throughout, with a special guest set by Doc Martin b2b Marques Wyatt setting up the afternoon and Lee taking us through the early parts of sunset. Marbs went on an extended seance because he was feeling it, and then Mikey Lion took the tail-end before inviting the entire crew back for the close.

Check out some photos from City Hearts below, and be sure to read our Eats Out interview with Mikey Lion from before the festival, when he told us all about the origins of Desert Hearts.

Photos by Juliana Bernstein.