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We can’t stop listening to the new single from Gallant, titled “Sharpest Edges.” The combination of Gallant‘s silky-smooth voice and the jagged, stop-start nature of the production over this most unusual pop anthem is simply electrifying. Off his forthcoming second album, “Sharpest Edges” is subtle but undeniably anthemic and sexy yet peculiar. He hits notes like Michael Jackson over this melodic yet staccato vocal that’s inherently strut-inducing — just try to listen to this without doing a little shimmy.

“I had problems with depression for a long time because even though you get to choose your own outlook on life, it’s hard sometimes to ignore the bad shit, the mistakes you made and the things you could have done better,” Gallant explained. “It’s easier to admit the world is full of sharp edges—and to make a goal to have as many close calls as you can.” Listen below.