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After finishing his Japan tour earlier this year, Fremont-based electronic artist foxsky has released his new single “Stingray” featuring the tour’s highlight reel. Returning home a changed person and producer, foxsky wanted this track and video to portray his new found family. Some of the last foxsky highlights here on NEST were his Artist Spotlight and release of “My Friend The Yellowtail” featuring NEGITORO last June. A quick two months later he dropped his Puppy Parade EP on TREKKIE TRAX as well.

foxsky takes each opportunity he gets to portray every bit of himself that makes up his musical spectrum. I feel as if it’s almost easy to get to know him via “Stingray.” Full of happiness, hype, and pure motivation, the big-room pleaser himself hasn’t stopped to rest yet. “Stingray” hits full force and offers strong creative synth pop. foxsky wants to be recognized just as much as he deserves it. He keeps full control throughout his very own chaos. “Stingray” is definitely the perfect explosion of drum machines and robotic textures to elucidate his tour.

Watch foxsky’s video for “Stingray” above and stream it via TREKKIE TRAX.