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As a purveyor of the dark side of drum and bass, Forbidden Society has built his brand on menacing, expertly-produced music that cuts deep into your eardrums. We first discovered his ruthless sound with this 2017 Depths EP, but now he returns with a full-length offering titled Fog Walk. With 12 equally satisfying songs, Forbidden Society shows us how he turns sinister inspiration into dancefloor-ready hits.

Opening with “Dirt,” Forbidden Society carefully constructs a neurofunk-leaning roller that’s focused on rippling basses and driving percussion to ease us into Fog Walk. One of the most addictive elements of his project is the way each song feels like it’s related to the next due to his undeniable signature sound — “Submersion” feels like it picks up where the opening track left off, but the sound has traveled down a different path. In fact, there’s many different paths throughout Fog Walk: like on “Don’t Stop,” Forbidden Society links up with the legendary Killa P for a distorted, grime-inspired cut that deviates from the groove we found on the first two tracks. He changes the vibe again with “Leech,” a blistering halftime production capable of melting the faces off any crowd.

Forbidden Society is an undeniably skilled sound designer — I could talk about these basses for hours. I’m most impressed by the tunes that lean towards the jump up subgenre of drum and bass, including “Chronicon” and “Scamor,” which are arguably simple yet so dangerous. As the album goes on, the sound cuts deeper and deeper until you get to the very end — “Downtown Blues” feels like you’ve been locked in a dungeon for far too long and you’re using the very last of your energy to escape. I love that Forbidden Society can make me feel this way through music, and I’m confident that his efforts have put a lasting mark on the drum and bass scene and inspired countless producers to think outside the box.

Listen to Fog Walk via Forbidden Society Recordings below.