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In 2011 nu metal legends Korn released a dubstep/metal hybrid album called Path Of Totality and recruited the likes of Excision, 12th Planet, Noisia, Kill the Noise, Downlink, Infected Mushroom, Flinch, Feed Me, Datisk, and boss-man Skrillex to contribute to the record. It seemed appropriate to Flashback to this epic occurrence that was the Path Of Totality album and live show when in just 11 days the actual path of totality will be crossing the United States during the full solar eclipse and a 70 mile band of total darkness will cross the US from Oregon to South Carolina. Who’s excited?! Is this when the aliens are going to finally reveal themselves as the originators of dubstep?! Beam me up, Fam!

But seriously, if you’ve never heard Korn go full dubstep or seen Skrill shred on guitar check out their performance of “Get Up” from 2011 above.