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Imagine a world digitally charged with electro-pop by day and taken over by a bass-fueled underworld by night. Dubstep producer ESAI exemplifies exactly that into his sound. Based in LA, ESAI resides with the Play Me Records crew alongside similar artists such as Foxsky and Modulation. He began producing four years ago and today carries a keen sense for balance. His most popular tracks “Punch Drunk,” “Take It Easy,” and remix of Yunomi’s “サ・ク・ラ・サ・ク” portray old-school garage meets new age sound design.

Most recently, ESAI’s “Infinity” really boosts both the melodic and filth aspects of his soundscape. He pulls in a lot more instrumental breaks, as well as filtered synths, to construct an entirely new complex reality. “Infinity” begins by channeling elements of breakbeat, and layer-by-layer continues to distend. Within his unique timbre progressions, ESAI pulls us into his void along with him. “Infinity” almost feels as if it’ll go on forever. Although as it comes to an end, we are left with a feeling of optimism.

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