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Not that trance and progressive house ever fell out of fashion for a die-hard faction of the dance music community, but it definitely hasn’t been at the forefront of the mainstream in North American electronic music the past decade. All that may be about to change with the helping curation hand of Eric Prydz, whose Newcastle-based protégé Cristoph just released another haunting single on his Pryda Presents imprint today known as “Voice of Silence.”

There’s a very retro-rave quality to the production that makes this track feel like it could be from the vault of Prydz himself, along with a vocal and melody that would be right at home on an old Depeche Mode record. That description you just read is one of the greatest compliments we could offer a dark-wave prog-house track — stylistically within the genre, it just doesn’t get better than this.

We included both the radio edit and long-form cut below because you’re absolutely going to want to hear the extended version as soon as you hear the original; get ready to be instantly be transported to a late night warehouse rave from wherever you’re listening.