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Eric Pyrdz has earned his reputation as one of the greats in the electronic music scene, and today we see the debut of his much-teased moniker Tonja Holma.

The project is not a palette cleanser from Eric’s previous projects, Pryda and Cirez D, but rather a refined iteration that respectfully warrants a new name. Dictated by simple funk baselines and melodies, the self-titled release feels light and trance-y – it’s clear that Mr. Prydz is steering the ship. Tonja Holma’s tone sits satisfyingly in between the darkness of Cirez D and the catchiness of Eric Prydz.

The EP’s energetic opener “Trippleton” sets the mood for the rest of the project, before the sparse foundation of thumping kicks and pulsating bassline on “Spanish Delight” make plenty of room for the main course: an instantly hummable melody created by staccato guitar plucks. The vibe hovers around disco, but the electronic ear candies keep it modern.

“Loco” highlights Eric’s cinematic touch as the intro’s clean, echoed synths make you feel like you are watching a utopian Elon Musk video on the future of space travel. This continues until midway through the track when Eric sideswipes you with a funk baseline destined to make you bounce. The closing track “global” is reminiscent of 90’s house at it’s finest. Overall, the EP isn’t Eric’s pièce de résistance, but instead, Tonja Holman is Prydz showing how he is a master of groove and simplicity.

The self-titled Tonja Holma EP is out now on Prydz’ label Pryda Presents.