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Eprom and ZEKE BEATS have finally landed back on Earth with their long-awaited collaboration Humanoid 2.0. Previously hinted at in ZEKE BEATS’ NEST HQ Interview + MiniMix, this project seems to resemble the shape of a human, but it’s made up of sounds entirely unknown to this universe. Eprom, who is known by many as the experimental bass don, and ZEKE BEATS, a.k.a. hip-hop and grime bass influencer, budded this project a few years back. Bonus tidbit: Eprom’s original “Humanoid” was released a lengthy eight years ago.

These two chose to use the force of gravity in “Humanoid 2.0” to lead us through this space-time continuum of vocal and drum distortion. As things start off slow, a robot begins to send electronic signals through the dancefloor as his breakdown continues to echo. “Humanoid 2.0” definitely combines both of these artists’ sounds into one alter ego for them both to share. As Eprom and ZEKE BEATS digitally push and pull one another back and forth, an unpredictable wobbling seems to take over. By its end, “Humanoid 2.0” has dove so far down this complex wormhole, that there may be no return. 

Next, “Soundboy Funeral” embodies more of the classic Eprom sound, meanwhile the ZEKE BEATS grime-gritting can clearly be heard. As the melody of this song churns ever so heavily, a thick arrangement of synths can barely be made out as “Soundboy Funeral” continues to seek the dead. Sinister builds fade as modules infinitely overlap one another as a means to make this sound design inescapable. Finally, we meet an extraterrestrial climbing out from beneath us as “Soundboy Funeral” struggles to rest in the afterlife. Once pointed in the right direction, Eprom and ZEKE BEATS gradually disconnect until they are no longer in service.

With the release they wrote, “Humanoid 2.0 was a really fun collaboration which started when we were staying at Eprom’s place in Portland a couple years back. The idea came about when we discovered a new ‘text to speech’ VST which had just been released. Whilst eating breakfast we both purchased it and started playing around and we’re hooked immediately. That morning we created the skeleton of the track. We’ve been sitting on this song for a couple of years now and are so stoked it’s finally out. Big ups to NOISIA for allowing us to do that.”

DIVISION Recordings officially released Eprom and ZEKE BEATS’ Humanoid 2.0 earlier today. You can listen to it now below.