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Ekali‘s “Babylon” featuring Denzel Curry got the OWSLA all-star remix treatment from Skrillex, Ronny J, josh pan, X&G, Sober Rob, and Oshi. These remixes are all very different but are all engineered to start a wild-ass party in their own different way. The Oshi and Sober Rob cut is trap that sounds like it was inspired by a swing band, Skrillex and Ronny J’s edit pays homage to the old-school Skrill sound spun into playful, bass-fueled rollick that commands you to get low. X&G and josh pan’s cut gets visceral, diving into the strange dark web of sound that graces seemingly every remix josh pan gets his hands on.

So much love and energy went into this remix pack as you can tell by the intricate tapestries of sound on each edit, get on the level below.