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Journey through the catalog of Portland-based producer EASTGHOST and you might find it difficult to immediately pin down his sound. From cinema-ready scores to clanging trip hop, the music of EASTGHOST is as unpredictable as it is captivating, as each new single or album presents an apparent snapshot into the current complexities of his imagination. But even with such a motley spectrum of output, two distinct attributes appear as a common thread in each offering: an unapologetic sense of experimentalism and a fierce dedication to production quality.

This kinetic relationship between explorative production and high caliber sound first appeared on our radar in the spring of 2015, when EASTGHOST took to Bandcamp with his debut album, Omniscient, They. The eight-track concept LP was astounding, leaping between alien ambient, crisp hip hop percussion, and cruel bass with unimaginable grace. Since then, EASTGHOST has continually studied new techniques and implemented them into his own palette of genres and tempos, with standout singles like “D’vocean” testing the boundaries of his pop sensibilities and songwriting while records like “The Apologist” were geared wholly toward heavy bass club play.

Recently, EASTGHOST came to us in December with “Blue Mountain Heartland,” pulling not-so-gently at our susceptible heartstrings with a full-on, Imogen Heap-style harmony. Unfortunately, along with this chilling soundscape came a note from EASTGHOST regarding the postponement of a larger body of work from him this year, but he did encourage fans by announcing that he “will humbly attempt to give [his] very best work this next year & as much of it as possible until [he does] have the space & time [he needs].. to give you the album you deserve.”

Even with plans for the next album pushed back, EASTGHOST is still planning on creating, and on March 3rd, we’ll get to hear a new composition from the talented artist. Until then, dive into our Artist Spotlight playlist from EASTGHOST below.

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