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Awww yeee, the yung wolf is back. Following a stellar remix of Laurel’s “Shells” and the recent one-million-plus play breaking NEST release, “Slow Burn”, LA’s Durante returns with a new single, “Full Moon”. Continuing to establish himself as one of the best in rising house producers, Durante gives us another crisp about-to-be-stuck-in-your-head dancefloor anthem which could be the sequel to Oliver $’s “Doin’ Ya Thang”. This one especially turned a lot of heads around the second half of last year with its infectious vocal sampling; which helps create a “fiesta in [your] mind” along with some choice warping synth cuts, driving horn melodies, beach-y marimba action and sleek four-four percussion.

Check “Full Moon” below, and grab the free download for your setlist.

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