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The all new DUCKY EP I Fall In Love With Everyone I Meet has arrived and we had the chance to catch up with the LA-based, San Francisco-born producer notorious for doing everything herself, converting hardstyle haters into fans, and throwing down sets so heavy she steals the show basically every time. Between this new collection of tracks and her recently launched, already successful event series called Ugh, Just Rave, it feels like we’re witnessing the full revelation of DUCKY’s creative capabilities. Check out the EP below and enjoy our interview, which in true DUCKY-fashion is visceral, authentic, and undeniably endearing.

NHQ: What’s different about this new EP (her fourth!) from previous EP releases?

DUCKY: It’s super different – everything to me feels very cohesive in terms of my releases, but this is clearly a marked change that showcases my personal development as a producer. So while I feel it’s cohesive because it’s always me, and I’ve never operated by genre or trying to follow a specific path, I have evolved even though I’m always about the emotionality of what I’m trying to convey, how I want music to make you feel.

NHQ: How do you want this EP to make people feel?

DUCKY: That’s a great question, all I know is what I feel and what I felt writing these songs. It’s funny, it’s called I Fall In Love With Everyone I Meet which is actually a title I’ve been holding on to for awhile and it’s so not true anymore. I’m very picky emotionally now, but what’s funny is all the songs came together unintentionally as one thing but I think they flow – they’re all about relationships in various stages, anyway it kind of just worked out.

NHQ: Were they all written around a similar time?

DUCKY: Yeah, probably within a span of about six months, although there was one song “Hey” that I wrote over a year ago that was updated. That one I dug up the production and completely changed it, I probably worked on that song consistently for six months leading up to the release. I have mastered and re-mastered close to 20 times. Friends who come to my house to work, when that song came out they were like “THANK GOD!” They’ve heard that song so many times and seen me be an absolute mess trying to get it right, they never want to listen to that song again.

NHQ: Oh yeah! You put that out the first time you tried Ugh, Just Rave (the first party was peacefully shut down by police for crowd control issues, a good problem to have for your first big event and it gave birth to this outstanding outlaw duck photo below + her followup Rave Is Not A Crime mix).

DUCKY: Yep, that was the lead single and “Oceans” was second.

NHQ: Is there a specific message behind Ugh, Just Rave?

DUCKY: There’s definitely an intention, to me it was really about a return to a different era of partying, like raving specifically and what that meant to me. Because when I was a baby raver, raves were about a very specific energy and it was for the freaks and it was safe. It was supposed to be someplace you could go and authentically be yourself and everyone would be kind, and people were there for the music. It was an escape but in a way that was healthy and positive, you know? I think there’s, at least for me, there was a big personal desire to return to that era or partying – it was important to me. And I don’t go out in the same way anymore and it’s because I crave something I feel is lacking, there’s a big space but not a lot filling it.

And it was really cool! First at the warehouse party we underestimated it so severely that it got shut down! I was freaking out all week that we weren’t going to sell 300 tickets, and then we packed out the big room at Union two weeks later!

NHQ: What’s the capacity there?

DUCKY: I think it’s like 800! It was unreal, I saw the crowd, I was in the crowd talking to people and I feel like everyone was genuinely there for that purpose. Everyone was super positive and really happy, just there for the music, being authentically themselves. Even when the cops came and shut down the warehouse party, everyone was so cool about it! So many cops and like the least drama there’s ever been shutting down a party. They were like, “You guys have to go home” and everyone was like, “ok!”

NHQ: Final question – do you still have to tell people you do it all yourself? Or are people starting to realize you’re the real deal?

DUCKY: (laughs) It’s unclear, and I do want to preface this by saying I don’t like to talk in interviews about being a female producer anymore cause I’ve said so much about it. But no, I’m really grateful to be at a point where I think people are understanding the level of effort I’m putting into everything, which is cool.

NHQ: You did a great job subliminally programming your brand with just that one line to let people know, “I can do it myself.”

DUCKY: I don’t really have hobbies, it comes up a lot with other friends who produce cause they’re like, “How do you make this much stuff?” Or “How have you made this big jump in your production skills?” And I’m like, “I don’t know what to tell you, I just literally don’t like doing anything else.” I don’t like to leave my house, I just like making music. That’s not a good balance necessarily but productive!

Thanks so much to DUCKY for the real talk, we’re proud to say you can follow her entire musical development over the last few years beginning with her NEST HQ release from 2015 here.