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In our new Mid Year Report series we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the acts who we believe represent the overall spirit and mentality of NEST. The ongoing feature will highlight the rise, influence, and forward movement of 10 of our favorite artists who are making a serious impact on the world of dance music in 2016.

Check below for our Mid Year Report on DUCKY.


Few people are as genuine and hardworking as DUCKY. On any given day, you can find her sitting in her LA studio cranking out some of the most future-forward club tunes, or running Club Aerobics, the label she co-founded with SUSPECT BITCH and Bianca Oblivion. If she’s not there, she’s probably playing a show somewhere across the continental US. DUCKY is effectively unstoppable and consistently pushes the borders of dance music. With a heart of gold and an ear for gems, she is, without a doubt, one of the most promising young artists to emerge from LA’s newfound love of hyper, unforgiving club music.

DUCKY began her foray into music as an eighth grade project, eventually becoming fully immersed in dance music culture when she procured a job working the door and DJing at a local SF club. At 17, she left high school and moved to New York where she attended NYU, graduating with a BFA in recorded music and a minor in mathematics. After a few jobs as a coder and programmer, her growing success with music led her to make the full switch to production.

Music has been a first priority for her from the very beginning. Her catalogue is extensive, boasting releases with NEST, Trekkie Trax, Hot Mom USA, Activia Benz, and her own Club Aerobics label. The majority of her tracks are playful and unrelenting; hyper, surreal combinations of high pitched vocals and footwork inspired rhythms. Tracks like “Work” and “Hack The Club” are abstracted, in-your-face reimaginations of the happiness-first mentality of pop music. “XOXO” and “Lost Angeles” explore the atmospheric side of her style while “ONE BROSTEP CLOSER” is her first (but not last) attempt at reviving the short-lived world of heavy, hyperaggressive dubstep.

Her output is so prolific that she decided to start a separate release channel for all of her edits. RAVE TOOLZ, as she called it, was a way of offering her personal set lists to the world. Since its inauguration in September of last year, the project grew so big that it inadvertently became a mini label for bootlegs and edits. Mitomoro has since taken over curatorial duties.

DUCKY’s work ethic and output is matched only by her stage presence and performance. Whether it’s a Brownies & Lemonade party in the greater Los Angeles area or one of the many festivals and showcases she’s been a part of, she always brings her A game and a surfeit of energy, bouncing with exuberance behind the decks. Of all the shows she’s played, however, the most memorable were her B&L set with Skrillex and playing before thousands of people at Bonnaroo’s 2016 Kalliope stage. In fact, for DUCKY, the more people the better. “That’s how I know I’m crazy and also that this is what I’m supposed to do w my life.”

As you’d expect, the rest of DUCKY’s 2016 schedule remains full with no plans to ease up. She has a few unannounced tours with a few different groups, and an EP with Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs label. With a can-do, no-bullshit attitude and an assiduous approach to music, there is no question that DUCKY will leave a lasting impression on the music community. She is a beacon of influence for those aspiring to find or create a lane to call their own. If you need a role model to get your butt in gear, look no further than DUCKY.