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It’s not very often that artists are asked to participate in our MiniMix series more than once, but Ducky is such a prolific creator with such high output, we would be remiss if we didn’t invite her back. It’s been three years since she released The Lost Angeles EP on NEST, which was the last time she did a mix for us, and her new EP I Still Believe In Love is out on Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Her musical evolution during that time has made her a staple in the high-BPM rave-kid realm and earned her mad respect as a tirelessly innovative producer.

We won’t make you wait another moment — behold Ducky stepping into the ring for round two of a certified MiniMix knockout and check out her interview while you listen to find out what the mix is best paired with.

The last MiniMix you did for us was after your NEST release The Lost Angeles EP, what’s changed for you since then musically?

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been that long. I think my style has really evolved since then as I’ve moved towards harder shit and really found my own sound and message.

What activity or activities is this mix best paired with?

Post-breakup turn-up.

Is Valentine’s Day a friend or foe?

It’s just another day baby! But it’s a good day to get in your feels if you’ve got someone special, and if you don’t I’m dropping the perfect EP for you so… win-win!

What do you want people know about the EP you have coming out on V-Day tomorrow?

Basically this EP chronicles me healing from my last breakup – from “Day Zero,” which I wrote on the night we split, to the ending track that I wrote when I’d finally moved on. I also feel like you should know that I literally cried the whole time I wrote “Day Zero” specifically, which I think actually looked pretty funny once I got to like the technical mix-down work.

What’s the last thing you saw on the internet or in real life that made you laugh?

I’m still laughing over this picture of my dog standing on the table. I came downstairs and he was just… on the table. No explanation. Looking kinda guilty. Not sure I’ll ever get over that one.

Can you name us a few artists who may not be on our radar yet but ought to be?



Above & Beyond – Counting Down the Days (Above & Beyond Club Mix)
Trampa – Walloped
Excision & Illenium – Gold (Stupid Love) feat. Shallows
Rusko – Love Is Real Feat Soul Nana
Ben Nicky, Callum Higby – The Donk
Inja, Pete Cannon – No Regrets
Skrillex, Hikaru Utada – Face My Fears
Bukez Finest – Uppercut
Headhunterz – Say My Name
Gammer – Needed U
4b, Junkie Kid – Love Is Dead
Above & Beyond – Sun & Moon
Fox Stevenson – The Heat
Andy Moor, Monika Santucci, Somna – Free Fall
Ariana Grande – thank u, next
Etc! Etc! & Tighttraxx – Trompa
Flux Pavilion, Matthew Coma – Emotional (Virtual Riot Remix)
MUST DIE! – Bliss 2k
D-Block & S-Te-Fan – Gave U My Love
Calcium – Mega Punch
Deadmau5, Kaskade – Move for Me
Ducky – Do U
Ducky – Down Low
Ducky – I Still Believe in Love