This is our story...

DROELOE combine so many unique sounds and influences into their freshly released EP A Moment In Time, out now via bitbird, I feel like I’m on the edge of my seat through all five tracks even though they’re relatively mellow. Although their previous releases have alluded to this possibility, the EP confirms that listening to DROELOE can give me the experience of watching a movie in my mind – this collection of songs seems to tell the story of A Moment In Time already forgotten.

All five tracks are vastly different, “Sunburn” is a playful, bright, borderline pop tune with a glossy female vocal while “Just Now (2017)” is on the opposite end of the spectrum with a darker, more moody sound and languid progression punctuated with extra crispy percussion. The opener “Back When (1997)” is a cinematic, instrumental heart-string-puller that samples a recording of a child from New Year’s Eve 1997 that sets an incredibly sentimental tone for this EP – do yourself a favor and enjoy A Moment In Time as it was intended from start to finish.