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Happy 2019! For the first installment of our Interview + MiniMix series for the year, we decided to give you guys an extra special treat. We’ve got a 45-minute guest mix from dream beach, the Detroit-based producer who’s done some soul-searching and taken his sound to a new direction since his time in I SEE STARS. Andrew Oliver takes us on a dreamy ride that travels through hyped-up club music to feel-good hip-hop and beyond, and we caught up with him below to talk about the dream beach project and how he was inspired to make this mix. Listen to his 45-minute mix below, and welcome to the new year.

What activity is this mix best suited for?

You could sway to it. That’s definitely the move I’m feeling, especially with the opening energies. 45 minutes of nothing but swaying, let’s get it.

Coming from I See Stars, how has your career transitioned to what it is today as a solo producer?

It’s been wild finding my place outside of the scene. It really started feeling like a transitional period when I started kicking it with Skywlkr in Detroit. I learned a lot from making beats with him, and started to see clearly what I wanted to do with my music. I had been taking every creation so seriously for so long because it was my means of getting by and all that since dropping out of high school to tour when I was 16. He really has fun when he makes music always and it reminded me of why I started doing this shit in the first place. I had already started releasing stuff on SoundCloud and had a single with Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs, and the notion of being so attached to my music was following me into this next chapter. I feel like the last five years I’ve fallen in love with the process all over again. Now I’m working with rappers I love, expanding on their vision while simultaneously putting together projects that speak for who I am. I want to bring all this energy together.

What’s a funny tour story you can share with me whether it’s from these days or back when I See Stars first went on tour?

Like 6 to 7 years ago or something, I ran into Skylar (Skywlkr) when he was on tour with Danny Brown. They were out with A$AP Rocky and Schoolboy Q and he invited me on the bus. I brought a foil pack of Swishers feeling like I was the man and walked back to the lounge area. I confidently handed over my blunts to Sky, and he looked at them, instantly drew a shit-eating grin and tossed them in the trash. It was this day, I learned what backwoods were.

Speaking directly to the dream beach project, what inspires your personal sound?

Michigan has been a beautiful place to grow up. It’s given me a perspective of so many places and subcultures because the city of Detroit just appreciates genuine dance music. I’m not trying to knock a place like Los Angeles, but unlike that city or any mecca really, there aren’t hundreds of studios filled with professionals trying to calculate hit songs. It’s people with everyday problems trying to express themselves, using what they have. Dance music sounds different here. For me, and this sound specifically, DJ Rashad and the Chicago footwork/Teklife movement is really inspirational, Jersey club artists like DJ Tim Dolla, DJ Tameil, Nadus, Jayhood, Uniiqu3, blew my mind. Detroit techno like the Saunderson Brothers and Moodyman, Carl Craig, and Movement Festival for many years. Early in my love for electronic music, before I even really understood what Detroit meant, I loved early M83, Felix Da Housecat, Justice, Aphex Twin and melancholy movie soundtracks. With hip-hop, my earliest inspirations came from what was being played at the roller rink me and my friends used to go to as kids. Juvenile, Outkast, Lil Jon, N.E.R.D, Digital Underground. Electro music from that joint was probably the first electronic music I ever heard, but I didn’t really know what I was hearing. Shout out Great Skate. And also shout out my big brother Mike for giving me The Chronic by Dre when I was young as hell.

What’s the last thing that you made laugh on the internet?

This one thanks to Ryan Playground <3

What’s a hidden talent you have outside of music?

I’m a pretty good roller skater, but I want to start going again. I can draw a perfect Homer Simpson (in my opinion). I can roll pretty excellent blunts. Damn, I need a hobby.

What’s your guilty pleasure song to listen to these days?

Omar S and L’Renee – S.E.X but the Conant Gardens Posse Remix… which, shout out Eclair Fifi for having the best playlists… and also another one could be The Grid – Martyn Bootyspoon… and it’s not a guilty pleasure, but it’s the closest I have to one.

What’s on the horizon for dream beach?

Well, my first EP Lost Angel released in November, so I’m going to do some shows to support that. In December, DonMonique’s album Black Kate Moss dropped with five of my productions, so a few videos for those songs will be coming soon. But for this year so far, I’m releasing a full project with Squadda B. His music, whether it be his beats or his emcee work with Main Attrakionz, have inspired me so much over the years. I can’t wait to let people hear what he has to say. My group/label Detroit Lines will also release a compilation. And finally, I’m currently making my first album. I’m hoping to have it finished by April.


Dandelion – Dream Beach x Drip Too Hard – Lil Baby x Gunna (acapella)
IMYSB – Qrion
Ciel – Hundred Flowers
Moments Noticed – Jim-E Stack
If Plural Was Singular – Dripp-113
Up To Something ft Young Thug x Travis Scott – Metro Boomin
Our Last Dance (rare edit) – Dream Beach x New Patek – Lil Uzi Vert (acapella)
Black Magic – Meltycanon
With Precision – Dream Beach x Money Gang ft Hoodrich Pablo Juan – Saucewalka (acapella)
How It Felt – Ryan Hemsworth
Wild Companions – Anoop
Can’t Go Wrong ft Friendzone – Gummybear
RainRain – Dream Beach
Phone Call – Jon Brion
Heart Tones – dream beach (phone call cover)
Someone Else – Tourist (Dream Beach edit)
Lost Angel – Dream Beach
Little Elvis – Musette x Chief Keef – Uh Uh
After Party – Uniiqu3
Can’t See Your Face Anymore – Swan Lingo
Versace Tint ft Black Alfalfa x Monsuun x Megablown
Fall In Love – Lucas
Rain Rain Go Away – Lil Tracy
Perfect Skies – Main Attrakionz
Juliette IG video lol
Tha Ball – Donmonique
Nightclub – GRRL
Fine Day – Dinamarca
Paramedic – Black Noi$e
Inertia – LSDXOXO
Slow Motion – Trey Songz – DjJayhood ShaqTheProducer (Jersey Club Remix)
Perlant – Jacques Greene
You’re The One – Rihanna (Hi-Tom Bootleg)
It’s Still Raining – Raphy