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When Dog Blood released “Turn Off The Lights” a few months ago, the dance music community exploded — and for good reason. Standing as the first single released by the duo of Skrillex and Boys Noize since 2013, it’s a staple in DJ sets throughout festivals and nightclubs around the world. We’ve been waiting for more Dog Blood treats as the guys have teased new music over several months; finally, their new project is here.

Turn Off The Lights EP features four Dog Blood tracks, two of which were made with the help of josh pan, X&G, and Otira. It opens with “BREAK LAW,” a hip-shaking anthem doused in that signature Dog Blood flavor. Quite the perfect recipe for DJ sets across the electronic spectrum, this tune ushers in the hype this EP rightfully deserved. Next up, Skrillex and Boys Noize pair up with josh pan and X&G for “4 MIND,” the opening track on Dog Blood’s recent mini-mix. The initial drop on this tune powerfully embraces empty space and minimalism before all four producers rev their engines with the power of next-level production. Finally, Dog Blood link with Otira on “KOKOE,” where the producers deliver an aggressive, croaking bass as the track’s main course.

Listen to Turn Off The Lights EP below.