This is our story...

After releasing a batch of remixes yesterday for all three tracks of the Middle Finger Pt. 2 EP, the pals known as Dog Blood have followed up this morning with the official music video for  “Chella Ride,” which takes us on a black&white rendered journey through space with two canine astronauts on a violent collision course with Earth. As grisly images flash spastically toward the heart of the video, we learn that some terrible mutation has occurred with these hybrid spacedogs, causing alarming derangement that turns them on each other.

The creative director and director, Books Bischof of Primary Projects and Golden Wolf‘s, respectively, attention to detail in the video is striking, especially taking into account that they only used gray scale. Overlapping images flash throughout the high octane visual, bouncing back and forth between elaborate visions of the cockpit, sketchy government photos and documents, and a whirlwind of destruction in and out of the flying craft. At just over three and a half minutes, a story is told and told well, and Skrillex & Boys Noize‘s breaks-meets-techno “Chella Ride” plays the perfect soundtrack.


As a little extra treat to yesterday’s remix package, Sonny and Alex have unleashed the pumped-up Mr. Oizo remix of “Chella Ride” today for FREE to their fans. The Frenchman adds his unmistakeable and inimitable stamp to the Dog Blood original, taking it far away into another dimension. Stream below and download here!