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DJ Seinfeld has seen an astronomical rise, going from a darling of the lo-fi scene to one of house music’s hottest new acts over the past year. The Swedish musician produced one of the most emotive debut albums we’ve heard recently with Time Spent Away From U, and now he’s been asked to helm the next volume of !K7’s legendary DJ-Kicks series.

If you’re not familiar with them, !K7’s been pumping quality electronic music out of its Berlin headquarters since 1984, and also distributes for notable independents like R&S, Crosstown Rebels, and Get Physical. With their DJ-Kicks series, they’ve remained in the moment with the best mixes around; over the past year, they’ve shared journeys from Lone, DJ Tennis, Forest Swords, Deetron, and Kerri Chandler.

Meanwhile, Armand Jakobsson has been making house music as Rimbaudian for the past couple years, initially conceiving DJ Seinfeld as a side project before it exploded in popularity and overtook his other alias. DJ Seinfeld’s DJ-Kicks will include exclusive cuts from FaltyDL, Project Pablo, and the man himself under both his musical aliases.

The mix’s tone incorporates “slippery electro grooves, more cosmic synth work and dusty broken beats,” according to a press release, and the first of its exclusive tracks is already here: “Typeless” by DJ Seinfeld embodies these characteristics, flowing like a spacey lacquer of refined rhythms. Speaking of the mix, Jakobsson said that it delves into the “simultaneous fear of leaving something safe behind as well as the excitement of venturing into unknown territories, musically and emotionally.”

DJ Seinfeld’s DJ Kicks will be out on July 13th; for now, listen to “Typeless (DJ-Kicks)” and check the tracklist below.

Tracklist (digital/CD):
01. DJ Seinfeld – ‘I See U’
02. Andras – ‘Poets Day’
03. Fantastic Man – ‘False Consciousness’
04. Rudolf C – ‘Deep Sea Survivor’
05. Rimbaudian – ‘Simple Call’
06. Roza Terenzi – ‘Up In Smoke’
07. Sleep D – ‘Dawn Over Atlas’
08. Hymns – ‘Walrus’
09. Rudolf C – ‘Saber’
10. FaltyDL – ‘Freak Acid’
11. Pepe – ‘Victory Level’
12. Project Pablo – ‘Who’s It For’
13. DJ Seinfeld – ‘Typeless’
14. Mor Elian – ‘Sci Si’
15. Chela Una – ‘Take Me’
16. Reptant – ‘Freq Accident’
17. DJ Seinfeld – ‘Triangle Echos’
18. Shedbug – ‘Ambroxitil’
19. J.Albert – ‘meXme’
20. S.O.N.S – ‘Dune’
21. Lou Karsh – ‘Seep’

Tracklist (LP):
A1. DJ Seinfeld – ‘I See U’
A2. Roza Terenzi – ‘Up In Smoke’
A3. Sleep D – ‘Dawn Over Atlas’

B1. Hymns – ‘Walrus’
B2. Pepe – ‘Victory Level’
B3. Project Pablo – ‘Who’s It For’

C1. DJ Seinfeld – ‘Typeless’
C2. Mor Elian – ‘Sci Si’

D1. Shedbug – ‘Ambroxitil’
D2. J.Albert – ‘meXme’