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DJ Koze, in my estimation, is one of the electronic scene’s most underrated legends. Though his vast and thoughtful musical productions spin the world on his finger like a basketball, Koze’s eclecticism keeps mainstream audiences from falling in line. Most of his widely-shared work has always involved vocal contributions: his last major collaborative hits that I can recall came on 2013’s Amygdala, featuring Caribou, Apparat, and Matthew Dear among others.

Finally, Koze is returning with another studio album in May 2018, knock knock, which will host contributions from the likes of Bon Iver and Mano Le Tough, and he’s just shared its first vocal cut featuring the Irish songstress Róisín Murphy, who has been a rising name in the pop world over the past years since returning from an eight-year musical hiatus.

DJ Koze & Róisín Murphy’s “Illumination” emerges from disheveled and unorganized sounds moving at a tribalist pace, roaring into Murphy’s insistent vocal and finding itself at a teary-eyed begging for light and inspiration by its close.

“Illumination” is out now via Pampa Records.