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Though I’d just touched down in Scotland a few hours earlier, I found myself wandering down to The Cowgate to find Sneaky Pete’s, where S-Type‘s exclusive listening party for his new SV8 EP was happening. Stepping into the 100-person-capacity club, the walls rattled with a heavy dose of bass. I whipped out my trusty disposable, tossed down four quid for a double Jack Daniels, and entered the dancefloor. Sweaty Scots were getting down to the first act of the night, The Blessings, as he warmed up the room for S-Type.

One thing I love about this spot is the lack of cell phone service — you won’t see people Instagramming their night away in Sneaky Pete’s. If you’re there, you’re there for the music. People were getting hype as Martyn (one-half of The Blessings) threw down a mash of house, hip hop, and garage, and jumped up on stage to party in the booth (which, unlike most clubs, is totally accepted here.)

Soon enough, S-Type emerged from a corner of the stage to take the decks before a crowd of chanting fans. The set was heavy in all the right ways — switching between LuckyMe classics, new cuts from his EP, and club-friendly tracks from the likes of Beyonce and Nicki, S-Type lit the small Scottish venue up. I hung out onstage next to LuckyMe co-founder Martyn and Sneaky’s manager Nick to check out what would be one of the best sets I’d ever heard. Red Stripe flowed as abundantly as the sweat from the Sneaky’s patrons, and with Lido’s remix of “Billboard” closing him out, S-Type departed. Edinburgh native Joseph Marinetti followed, putting on a killer performance in what is easily one of the hardest spots of the night — the closing set.

Hopping into a taxi outside the venue, I headed back to my hotel, where I promptly downloaded all of S-Type’s discography. LuckyMe and Sneaky Pete’s knows how to put on a party, and I can’t wait for the next collaborative show between the two.

S-Type’s SV8 EP comes out on LuckyMe February 9th. Be sure to cop it when it drops!

FH000001My new friend who worked at Boots. He said he would develop these photos for free… oh well

FH000002Martyn aka 1/2 of The Blessings aka manager extraordinaire aka LUCKYME FAMILY

FH000004Club goin’ up… on a Friday.

FH000005good sweaty times

FH000006hey S-Type

FH000007probably about to drop “Only”

FH000008Eclair Fifi is back there somewhere

FH000009This dude was really feeling the vibe of my disposable camera.

FH000010No club is complete without a disco ball.

FH000011sneaky snipes from just below the booth


FH000013Nick is forever young


words and disposables by Staley Sharples