This is our story...

We’ve already done a Disposables for HARD Summer this year, but since our friend josh pan was playing at the Green Tent, we decided to have some fun and give him a disposable camera of his own to capture his experience. Josh is a woke, legendary player in the scene and seeing the moments of HARD Summer 2017 from his perspective is truly a treat. Check out the gallery below, complete with captions from josh pan himself.

1. i watched yung hershey from gladiator play connect four with janice griffith for 2 hours. it was exciting and oddly therapeutic.
2. this was where i watched from. had no idea why there was a unicorn floatie on the grass.
3. they’re sitting too close to the screen.
4. people backstage – thankful for my friends always being there to support me when i haven’t slept enough. i hadn’t slept for 30 hours before this set.
5. green tent vibes always strong. and sweaty.
6. just pressing buttons.
7. quinn, my babe. always in the right place at the right time.
8. who took this picture?! what were they trying to achieve?
9. fashion.
10. best friends. 100 degrees weather.
11. pushing buttons.
12. things really dont sound great from sidestage.
13. family picture. that’s a big family. thank you.
14. shoutout security. thanks for keeping people off the stage.
15. habby & judhe.
16. i had to take this one. it felt right.
17. took this on my way to the set.
18. took this one on the golf cart. pretty random. nice vintage colors though.
19. i don’t remember talking to mustdie! or even seeing him at hard. weird. i don’t even remember taking this pic.
20. me and rickyxsan. such a sweetheart.
21. friends outside of the trailer cuz the power went out.
22. same.
23. habby & ricky. legends.
24. gaszia from x&g & heckler. was great to hang out w gaszia. we don’t get the chance very often.
25. this is a familiar sight.
26. this guy looks just like my friend trent morris.