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Dillon Francis is a wild dude known for his split-personality antics, moonlighting as DJ-groupie Becky and taking us vun deeper as DJ Hanzel. By the looks of it, though, his latest alter ego is set to leave electronic music behind and take over the emo scene in Los Angeles.

Today on Facebook, Dillon released a video as YouTuber Preston, letting his fans know that Emo Nite had asked him to play and that he was flying out and crashing on a friend’s couch for the journey. Though this might seem a bit ridiculous to some, it’s very in line with both of their tendencies for outside-the-box moves. Dillon loves to try new things, and Emo Night‘s been featuring a number of crossovers from the electronic scene in 2017, most notably being the venue where Skrillex’s band From First To Last reunited, and we’ve been following their rise, interviewing Emo Night’s founder this past week.

We’re not sure what any of this means, but we’ll leave you with Preston’s last words. “So, I’ll see you there, everyone in Los Angeles that’s watching my YouTubes, you know, just fuckin’ show up, let’s OPEN UP THAT FUCKING PIT! PRESTON OUT! WHAT’S UP?”