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Dillon Francis has been hard at work behind the scenes and in front of the Snapchat camera. Today, he announced the inauguration of his own label, knighted with the same name as his iconic song IDGAFOS. To kick things off, he dropped his collab with G-Eazy called “Say Less,” which matches the bouncy side of his signature moombahton sounds with the aggressive trap sentiments of his more recent works.

“G-Eazy and I had been talking about making a record for the past four years, but our insane touring schedules never let us get in the studio together,” Francis tells Billboard. “In the beginning of the year, it finally worked out when we were both in LA. One session turned into three, and now we have our glorious sing that we are so proud of.”

G-Eazy added, “It’s a party track about meeting a girl at a music festival and finding love under the influence of multiple illicit substances. It’s about being straight to the point.”

Not much else is known with regards to what the IDGAFOS label has in store for us, but hopefully it’s in the same lane as “Say Less.”

Catch Dillon Francis at Coachella both weekends this April.