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Digitalism defined the late 2000s with their smash debut album, Idealism. The 15-track LP (22 if you count the bonus tracks) was a shining light within the dance music world in 2007, and dissimilar to most dance albums today, almost all of it was done without collaboration. Only 2 tracks of the 22 featured other artists besides Jence + Isi — “Pogo” which brought in vocals from The Presets‘ KIM and “Digitalism In Cairo” which actually sampled the 1979 track “Fire In Cairo” from The Cure. This lack of need for outside influence was impressive and showed just how well Jence + Isi knew their sound and how they wanted Idealism to turn out.

Over 6 years, another album, and multiple remixes & EPs later, Digitalism have returned to their homebase imprint of Kitsuné with a different approach. The duo has called upon collaborators for each of the 3 songs on their new EP, Lift. San Francisco trio, The M Machine, hop on board for the title track, “Lift” — a melodic, vocal anthem that screams a new age Idealism. Studio master, Steve Duda, got the nod for the aptly titled, “Dudalism,” which utilizes repetitive laser beam synths that carry the track into Techno oblivion. The third and final track of the Lift EP  comes with help from buzzing LA producer, Blood Diamonds. “Electric Fist” sounds just like it reads. The heavier side of Digitalism shines through in this one with a healthy balance of crunch and melody.

The Lift EP will be out September 23rd. Listen to the sampler and find upcoming North American tour dates below.

Tour Dates:
29th August – Output, New York
30th August – Voyeur, Philadelphia
31st August – SAT, Montreal
4th September – Monarch Theatre, Phoenix
5th September – Sound, Los Angeles
6th September – Ruby Skye, San Francisco
12th September – Voyeur, San Diego
13th September – Foundation, Seattle
14th September – Hard Rock, Las Vegas

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