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It’s the Festivus season y’all and I’m feeling joyful as hell. With the looming pressure of giving the perfect gift, many of you may be asking yourself, “How am I supposed to buy my friends and family gifts when I overdraft my account while trying to buy a slice of pizza?” Well lucky for you broke assholes, DFA is here to save the day with a free Holiday Remix EP, filled with four super great songs to make even the darkest winters bright.

Kicking things off, Damon Palermo, aka Magic Touch, takes us for a magical ride with his rework of The Juan MacLean’s “A Simple Design”, featuring Seven minutes of mid-tempo disco grooves, paired with Nancy Wang’s shapeshifting vocals and a slew of pulsating Balearic beats to start this EP off right.

Pedro Winter, aka Busy P, strips Sinkane’s “New Name” down into more simplistic and captivating territory. Acid synth work weaves between distorted guitars and heavy-cut vocals, while a groovy two-note bassline and hi-hats putter in the background. Think intergalactic funk mixed with some space age cosmic disco.

CFCF’s remix of Dan Bodan’s “Romeo” is probably my personal favorite on the compilation. What can I say, I’m a sucker for some light jazz piano and deep bass work. I imagine myself on New Year’s with a glass of champagne in one hand and a mini quiche in the other, twirling along to this surrounded by my wonderful friends and maybe some random strangers whom no one is really sure who invited; but they’re the ones who brought the champagne in the first place so we let them stay.

Last but not least, Museum of Love’s “Who’s Who Of Who Cares” gets a rework from two of LA’s chillest music bros, Daniel T. and Cooper Saver, which has distorted trumpets and filter-shifted synths accompanying a more dance-floor friendly bassline. It’s filled with prematurely nostalgic undertones, channeling Less than Human-era DFA in the best way possible.

Available for streaming and free direct download, this EP could totally be your gift to your Mom for Christmas. Or you could just stop being a turd get her that $10 scarf she wanted from Macy’s. Enjoy!

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