This is our story...

Sit back and get ready to enjoy the relaxing, 16-minute ride that is Denitia’s four-song EP and accompanying visual, Be There. The moody collection of songs is described by Denitia herself as “dreamy music for the waking” and carries no sense of urgency in the music but plenty in the lyrics as the theme of a relationship with both self and others prevails throughout. We’ve embedded the visual EP below as well as the standalone EP at the bottom, in case you want to let your imagination dictate the visual experience. Denitia’s visuals feel like a community of modern artworks having a roundtable discussion, a mixed media group of textures, colors, and gradients revealing themselves to one another as the EP progresses.

If you’re looking for a quick fix, head straight to the title track “Be There,” marked by a dark, urgent beat and liquid keys that Denitia’s airy vocals float over. It’s frenetic and lush, almost peaceful but a little too angsty. And by the time it comes to rest, a slithering, distorted guitar sound has joined the mix, eventually giving way to celestial vocal harmonies and bright strings. It sets a very unique stage for the next and final song on the EP, a subtle, heartfelt disco track called “Raise You Up.” Dive in both above and below and you’ll Be There; enjoy!