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Last year, Delta Heavy and Everyone You Know linked up for the upbeat, synth-driven drum and bass tune “Anarchy” via RAM Records, delivering a spicy collaboration fit for DNB dancefloors. The producers recruited UK bass trio Gentlemens Club to put their own spin on “Anarchy,” and damn, is it unexpected in all the right ways.

The GC boys open up the remix with an old-school dubstep flair marked by Reese basses and the original tune’s ruthless vocals grinding away. Gentlemens Club flex their sound design skills once this tune drops into a riddim-fueled frenzy, shooting off screeches and wobbles left and right. Throughout the entire remix, Gentlemens Club maintain that junglist flair that makes this tune so addictive, but the guys master the element of surprise at the 2:45 mark with a gritty, blistering breakdown. All four minutes of this remix will stick with you for hours, days, and probably weeks — check it out below.