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Deekline and Fish‘s sexy-ass, Ibiza-worthy house heater “Sugar & Spice” is a serious jam for throwing your head back and shaking ass like it’s about to be 2019. This feel-good disco bop has all the throbbing grit of an electro house with a London twist, but it’s got the fuck-all, let-loose chorus of a proper, soaring progressive house tune. It’s not the first time these two have collaborated — as we discovered, they also have a pretty righteous drum and bass and dancehall track called “Champion Sound.” Fish’s remix of Deekline’s 2016 release “Bad Luck On Dem” is also quite a dreamy, celestial and smooth drum and bass ride.

Turn this way up for maximum enjoyment, and may you dance your ass off this New Year’s! If you need help figuring out where, check out our NYE 2019 North American party picks.