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We don’t venture too far into metal very often here at NEST HQ even though we have deep roots in the genre, but we’re taking a mighty death metal plunge today because the new Deafheaven album Ordinary Corrupt Human Love is just so extraordinary. Perhaps it’s the symmetry of the record, the way the songs and sounds fit together and balance each other out that makes it so compelling: stunningly gorgeous classical instrumentation channeled through fascinating arrangements give way to screaming vocals and shrieking guitars.

In a style that Pitchfork refers to as “slow-core balladry,” Deafheaven delivers a poignant, completely immersive sonic experience that oscillates between sounds so beautiful, it’s arresting and cries of ruthless anguish transmuted into vocals that feel transcendental. Listen to “Night People” first if you’re unsure about jumping into this one —┬áit’s the prettiest, shortest, and most timeless before graduating to the rest of the much longer, more hardcore tunes. If you’re good with that, then you’ll be ready for the piano-driven opener that primes your system for the experience of Ordinary Corrupt Human Love. There’s a story to this album as old as human civilization: it’s love and hate mixed together into a visceral sonic cocktail that helps us transcend both. If you enjoy this record even half as much as I do, you’re going to love it. Ascend to Deafheaven below.