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On New Music Friday, I often find myself lost in the shuffle of mega-hyped album releases and a wave of high energy music, but one of today’s new releases does a brilliant job of slowing the world down and reeling you in. Damon Steele has represented Los Angeles-native label PUZL Records since the release of his Crystal Currents EP in 2016, affirming his keen ear for pleasurable rhythms and a groove-fueled flair. His follow-up EP is on the way, and today sees the release of its first single, “Shade.”

Simple, yet elegant, “Shade” represents some of the most essential elements of a funky, feel-good jam: a gripping bassline, a low-key, glittering melody, and an awesome vocal looping on top of it all. It’s so obviously inspired by the earlier days of disco, but Damon Steele nails the contemporary vibe throughout it all. This one belongs in whichever playlist you have to entertain a party or the soundtrack to a soothing night drive. Listen to “Shade” below.