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The latest drum and bass gold bar to come from the bank of Noisia’s Invisible Recordings was deposited by D&B heavyweight and Berlin native, Current Value. The offering arrives as a 13-track album called Deadly Toys, which includes 2017 singles “Lost In It” and “Dead Communication” amongst a few others. From start to finish, Deadly Toys is a testament to the Current Value project, which is a reflection of the ‘current value’ of production standards in the D&B space these days.

Today, NEST HQ has the privilege of premiering the SoundCloud drop of our favorite tune off the album, “Scenario.” Although the album is out for purchase, we had to wrangle this one for an exclusive. It’s so raw, so rinsed with radiated grit and grain;┬álike a neurofunk atom bomb that mushrooms up into the atmosphere of multiple white noise registers. This is the kind of track you play in your room/office/car if you want people to curiously round the corner like “WHAT THE F*CK IS THIS?!

According to Current Value, “Scenario” is about “exploring organic orchestral tonality from the perspective of pure personal synthesis and contrasts of the sublime and abrasives – a filmic Snare-roll Pacer.” On Deadly Toys as a whole, he offered only this: “Exploration – Experiment – Emotion – Depth – Hypnosis – Numbers – Math.” That’s more than enough for us to get it. Give “Scenario” a listen now and check out the full Deadly Toys release via Invisible Recordings.