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Berlin’s experimental, 10-day CTM Festival is celebrating its 20-year anniversary this year with a series of parties between January 25th and February 3rd, which includes the installation of an ice skating rink inside the city’s legendary nightclub Berghain’s largely unused non-club half, known as the exhibition hall. There will be appearances by some of Berghain’s usual suspect DJs including Creamcake, Yoshitaka Hiwaka, Kyoka, Marylou, Rabih Beaini, Mo Loschelder, DJ Occult, Skatebård, Freak de l’Afrique, and more playing at the ice rink during the event’s 10-day run.

Check the full schedule of happenings on CTM’s website, and sit tight while we wait for all the content that’s going to come out of this marvelous exercise. The theme of this year’s CTM Festival is “Persistence,” highlighting, “…the aesthetic and societal potentials and pains of perseverance, and of its opposite: the transient and the provisional, and considers the struggles that come with balancing continuity and changeability.” May the transient and provisional joys of installing an ice skating rink inside Berghain for a matter of days be full of fruitful, joy-producing.