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I remember first hearing Italian Electro don, Crookers‘, new stomper, “Ghetto Guetta,” back in March in Miami. It had a comical vibe to it, from its seemingly out of place Big Room breakdown to its quite hilarious play-on words in the title, but it banged out as hard as any tune I heard down there that week. Crookers, aka Phra, has always been at the forefront of interesting sound engineering (see Springer, Bust Em Up, Bowser, Giga, etc), and “Ghetto Guetta” out today on OWSLA furthers the trend.

Squeaky, near-flatulent synths ride atop a thumping kick before teleporting into an anthemic, Big Room build, thus creating the juxtaposition of Ghetto/Guetta. Phra once again shows his ability to create an intelligent track with some serious firepower. Pick it up today on Beatport.

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